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Each dollar donated into our matching system will indirectly cause more than a dollar to be donated to highly effective charities. Therefore, by donating into the matching system you can have a bigger impact, compared to donating directly to the effective charity. (The multiplier depends on the matching rate. Lower matching rates yield a higher multiplier for matching funders, but tend to bring in fewer new donors.) Your impact is more indirect, but in the end your donation does more good. Note that the matching funding you provide will be used to increase donations to any of our recommended highly effective charities.

If you would like to become a matching funder, please fill out the donation form below. All of your donations will go to charity. Your matching funds will be used for the current or subsequent donation cycle to match other people's donations. Any matching funds that are unused after 12 months will automatically be donated to effective charities. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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