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At least 10% has to go to a super-effective charity.

We'll add 9% to 90% on top of your donations

You direct prepaid matching funds to the charities you care most about. Learn more here.

Why donate with Giving Multiplier?


Our goal is to make charitable giving as effective as possible. We support charities that experts have identified as super effective.


We'll add a small donation on top of yours. The more you give to the super-effective charity, the higher the rate.
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Our impact

$ 3.33 Million
Donated since fall 2020
  • “Want to feel good about making a positive impact? Giving Multiplier is a scientifically-backed innovation that allows you to support causes close to your heart AND some of the world's most cost-effective charities!”

    Laurie Santos
    Professor of Psychology, Yale University
    and host of The Happiness Lab podcast
  • “Is there a special charity you want to give to because you have a personal connection, but at the same time you know that, dollar-for-dollar, it won’t do nearly as much good as other charities you could give to? Amazingly, you can do both, and still not give less to the most effective charity you can find! Check out Giving Multiplier!”

    Peter Singer
    Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University
    and author of The Life You Can Save

Media coverage

  • "For Giving Tuesday, this Harvard-designed donation tool helps you maximize your impact"
    - Best New Ideas in Money

  • Giving Multiplier is an award winner of the Reimagine Charitable Giving Challenge that honors "promising concepts in the digital giving space"

  • "The next time you’re ready to give, make two donations: one to a charity that speaks to your heart and one to a charity that’s expert-certified for extraordinary impact."

  • "I appreciate Giving Multipliers's incrementalist approach to helping people make more effective charitable giving decisions."

  • "If even just a quarter of all donors applied this strategy, millions of lives would be saved and improved - without donors having to forsake the charities closest to their hearts."

  • "Giving Multiplier, an online platform that eases — and sweetens — donations to global health and development charities"

  • "The researchers were able to effect real-world changes in donors’ behavior by offering them the chance to give with their heads as well as their hearts."

  • Why Giving Money to Others Makes us Happier by The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

  • Joshua Greene on Morality, Psychology, and Trolley Problems by Sean Carroll's Mindscape Podcast

  • The Power of Altruism: How Effective Altruism is a Giving Multiplier by Passion Struck Podcast with John R. Miles

  • Moral Psychology & Pragmatism by The Nature & Nurture Podcast

  • Cooperation, Charity, and Effective Giving by The Stanford Psychology Podcast

  • Moral Tribes: Bridging the gap between "us" and "them" by Giving What We Can

  • Morality Meets World by On Wisdom

  • Under the Radar with Callie Crossley

  • Clearer Thinking with Spencer Greenberg

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