Multiply your impact

Give to both your favorite charity and a super-effective charity recommended by experts. We'll add to your donations.

Created by researchers at Harvard University

How it works

Select your favorite charity

This can be any charity that you care about.

Select a super-effective charity

You can choose from our list of expert recommendations.

Divide your donation between the two

At least 10% has to go to a super-effective charity.

We'll add 3% to 30% on top of your donations

The more you give to the super-effective charity, the higher the rate.

Why donate with Giving Multiplier?


We'll add a small donation on top of yours. These matching funds are provided by donors who share our mission of making giving more effective.


Our goal is to make charitable giving as effective as possible. We support charities that experts have identified as super effective.


Your donations are processed by our trusted partner — a non-profit hub for charitable giving. Your data privacy is ensured.


As a project based at Harvard University, Giving Multiplier has been reviewed by the Harvard internal review board and data safety team.

Don't want to make a donation right now?

If you prefer making your donations at the end of the year, we can remind you later again about Giving Multiplier.

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