About us

Giving Multiplier was created by Dr Lucius Caviola and Prof Joshua Greene. We are researchers in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. Our research examines the factors that influence charitable giving, with the goal of helping people make wiser charitable giving decisions. This website was developed by Fabio Kuhn and designed by Daniel Rüthemann.

See our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Giving Multiplier. And for questions or feedback, please contact us at info@givingmultiplier.org.

Our donation system is supported by Every.org and our charity search function is powered by Constructor.io. The website is funded by the Effective Altruism Funds

We are grateful to many people who have helped us make Giving Multiplier possible.
This includes Mark Ulrich, Tina Roh, Santi Hernandez and the team at Every.org; Peter Singer, Charlie Bresler and the team at The Life You Can Save; Jim Bobowski, Buddy Shah, and the team at GiveWell; Benjamin Lipinski, Marta Krzeminska, Chris Lloyd, Luke Freeman, Joe Brownrigg, Marka Ellertson, Emma Gray-Starcevic, Vaidehi Agarwalla for marketing advice; Ari Kagan, Nick Fitz and the team at Momentum; Sam Harris and Will MacAskill; Duncan Peacock and the TED Mystery Experiment; and many others.